"I bought this as well as the metric version as a backup to a very well used set of allen keys. Little did I realize, my original set was made by the same company. When I saw this item, it's price and "Made In USA" I immediately put it in the cart. I did not need it, I already have a 30 year old set that works just fine. Yet somehow, even after opening the package and putting it in my tool box I still feel compelled to buy another set because it's such a great value. Overall the product is much heavier and more "American Steel" feeling than I anticipated - and I knew I was buying an American Made product. The design is almost identical to the original set with some differences. The older set appears to have a chrome finish while these appear to have a zinc plated finish (I could be wrong - after all the old set is well used). Also this set is slightly larger, heavier and feels more durable. They seem to function just fine, all allen keys in one place. They function exactly as described, appear to be a high quality product and are made in the USA at price that is competitive with a Chinese equivalent. I would absolutely buy again."


"Our manufacturing team always has Eklind Tools in hand. Whenever they use their tools they never have to worry about it breaking or wearing down. Their tools fit the industry standard screws perfectly. No wearing down on the screws. These guys are top notch, just like their customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable."



"I have three of these and they are all excellent. One in the car bag, one at home and one at work. These have held their own on tough rusted fasteners with no slippage."


"Good morning! I just finished browsing your website and want to say "thank you". Just reading your company history, viewing the images of your facility, and reading nearly every line on every page has left me feeling refreshed.....The insourcing of your heat treating, black oxide, injection molding, and vinyl dipping (I am very familiar with all of these processes and the challenges that they pose). I could go on and on and on. Thank you. You are a bright spot shining in the darkness and I very much appreciate you. If I could relocate and the salary worked for me I would go to work for you in a heartbeat. Now, I'm off to ****  to pick up a bunch of new Eklind products for our plant! It's super important to support you the best way that I can, buy Eklind!"   

"The great part is the Eklind did not twist or bend. It is like the day it came out of the factory."


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