Eklind® brand tools are Made in USA.  We believe in the future of American Manufacturing.  We believe in the future of the American Worker.  If you share in our belief that American Manufacturing is a cause worth fighting for, a career at Eklind Tool Company may be for you.



Eklind Tool Company offers opportunity:


• Over 75% of our management level workers began their careers at Eklind Tool Company in non-management positions.  You don’t need to move out to move up.


• We have invested in bringing processes in house and have invested in training our current employees to run those processes.  We practice “insourcing”, not “outsourcing”.


• The average Eklind Tool Company worker has been with us over ten years.  We value loyalty.


• Eklind Tool Company values safety over all else.  We demand our workers do the same.



Eklind Tool Company offers benefits:


• All full time workers are eligible for our medical insurance with a significant contribution from the company, for you and your family.


• All full time workers are eligible to participate in our 401k Retirement plan.


• All workers and their families participate in our Employee Assistance Program, providing help when it’s needed the most.


• All full time workers become eligible for ten paid holidays per year and substantial paid time off.



Eklind Tool Company supports the American economy:


• We provide jobs with insurance and retirement benefits to over 100 families in the Chicago area.


• We purchase materials, supplies and services from other American companies, helping maintain jobs throughout America.



If you believe in the future of American manufacturing and want be part of its successful future; if you believe you are capable of excelling at our core employee values of Safety, Quality, Productivity, Attendance and Civility; if you want opportunity for you and your family- we encourage you to consider working for Eklind Tool Company.


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